UK Modern Slavery Act Statement

Pursuit Aerospace is a global manufacturer of precision components for use in gas turbine engines and other applications. Among the production locations operated by Pursuit Aerospace is our site in Burnley, UK. Pursuit Aerospace is committed to working, together with our supply chain and customers, to conduct our business ethically and in compliance with law and international conventions, including prohibitions on slavery and human trafficking.

While we do not currently audit our supply base regarding human trafficking and slavery, each of our suppliers is obligated to comply with law (including laws governing those matters) and with Pursuit Aerospace’s Supplier Code of Conduct. Our Supplier code expressly addresses and prohibits human trafficking and slavery and use of any products derived in connection with such activities. Failure to comply with the Code, including violation of law regarding human trafficking and slavery, would provide the basis for Pursuit Aerospace to take corrective action within the terms of our contracts.

Our internal Code of Business Conduct and Ethics also requires all employees, at all locations, to conduct themselves ethically and in full compliance with law, and includes specific prohibitions of any form of trafficking or slavery. Our employees receive training regarding their ethical and legal obligations, including adherence to all standards set forth in our Code of Conduct such as anti-trafficking provisions.

We are committed to monitoring our activities and those of our suppliers and contractors, and to take immediate corrective action in response to any cases of slavery or human trafficking that come to our attention.

Always Pursuing Better.